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Although art is an eminently practical pursuit, the work which results from the activity of an artist is gauged differently from that which a practitioner of other practical disciplines, such as the conventional professions, is engaged in. In fields of human activity such as these, the work of a practitioner is valued solely in terms of its material benefit to society. Hence, the importance of a medical practitioner, for instance, lies in his or her ability to cure sick people of their illnesses. Conversely, the value of an artist’s work lies in its capacity to bring to the fore some aspect of the covert spiritual life of mankind thereby allowing members of society other than the artist himself or herself to experience such a dimension for their personal enrichment.


When the focus of attention is shifted away from the work or works of art to the life of the artist, it is not surprising to notice a constant clear pattern in the lives of many illustrious exponents of the different art mediums. This pattern includes a long period of strenuous activity during which the individual is intensely involved in the public life associated with the art practiced and experiments with a variety of new forms and ideas in an attempt to gain some sort of freedom from past tradition. Depending on the artist’s life span, this period covers the early adolescent years and a large part of adulthood. It is followed by a shorter but not less important period of distillation, when the artist, having developed an artistic personality all his or her own shuns the public platform and embarks on a solitary single-minded inner journey along the path delineated by the artistic ideas and principles that have come to shape his or her individual style.


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1960 to 2014


In Rome, London
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